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Living with your Chihuahua 

One of the hardest concepts to get used to is how tiny and fragile your Chihuahua is and yet she has no concept of her size. She will defend you and her home as well as a German Sheppard (in her mind) would with every bit of might and bark that she has.

It is essential to teach her at a young age that you only need to be momentarily alerted to any dangers and then her barking needs to stop.

Socializing your Chihuahua is extremely important especially when they are young, so they learn that not everything is a threat. Bring you Chi with you when you visit with family and friends and take them to the pet store with you and let them sniff around and pick out a toy.  Take them to the dog park once a week once they have all their vaccinations. Continue to do this throughout their life, so they feel comfortable and secure.

Chihuahuas are smart pups and need to be challenged with new tricks, interactive toys, and you of course, so that their time is interesting and will not have a need to continuing barking once you have been alerted.  This is especially important if you live in an apartment or condo. Although they are small, Chihuahuas do not need to be carried everywhere, unless they are steep stairs or any other dangerous terrain. They love to run and play.

Oh, and Chihuahuas are also great man filters as well as an excellent judge of character, so don’t ignore their behavior around certain people Besides that, you will need to get used to their attitude, spunk, and huge amount of enthusiasm. This is not such a bad thing to get used to and is quite funny and will provide many laughs throughout your time together.  

Ensuring Happiness with Your Chihuahua 

One of the most important things you can do for your Chihuahua is to always make time to spend with your Chi daily, no matter how busy you get. Chihuahuas are extremely connected to their special person and need attention, affection, and quality time with you. Chihuahuas love to burrow, so you may find your Chi often popping out of blankets on the bed or in between pillows on the couch and staring you down. My Chihuahua loves the camera and will pose for picture after picture. 

You can make training a fun bonding experience. Chihuahuas love to learn so they will enjoy it as well in short spurts with recognition and treats. A trip to the pet store for a new toy, shirt, sweater, necklace, or treats was always a fun experience for my Chi. Car rides and walks are favorites as well. Although not a favorite, schedule your Chihuahua’s vaccinations and her teeth cleanings in advance to ensure her good health.

Fun Things to Do With Your Chi

Chihuahuas love to play, so here are a few games to play on rainy day or at the park or in your yard. Chihuahuas do not like rainy, cold, and windy weather. You and your Chi can play fetch with a toy or old sock. Hide and seek is always fun when you ask your Chi to stay and the hide in another room and call her name. Don’t worry she will find your quickly.

You can play hide the treats, where you hide them in your hand in various places around the room while you are both on the floor. Playing tug of war gently with your Chi’s favorite braided rope is fun.

My Chihuahua loves to run up the stairs after we return from a walk. She will look back and wait for me at the top.  Chihuahuas love to make you happy, so continue to teach them new games and tricks to create a fun bonding experience.

Ensure you spend quality time with your Chi daily. If you can, try to make your playtime at the same time every day, so they learn when playtime is and will come to expect it.

This time is completely dedicated to you and your Chi, with no distractions and can include going for a walk, a ride, playing fetch in the backyard or with playing with toys in the home. 

Chihuahua's Favorite Things

Chihuahuas love accessories, from clothing to jewelry and everything in between.  They also love warm laundry, so let’s say you are doing several loads and place your warm laundry just from the dryer on the couch to fold it. When you come back in the room, expect your Chi to be laying on it when you return.  Once I figured this out, I would wrap her in one of her warm blankets from the dryer. In my experience, Chihuahuas love homemade food. Favorites include chicken or turkey with shredded carrots and brown rice heated with a little chicken broth. They love to play and going for short walks especially when the sun is out. One of a Chihuahua's favorite things is to sunbathe. Make sure there is an area in your home that has a patch of sunlight they can relax and soak up the rays in.  Ensure that your Pink nosed Chihuahua wear sunblock when outside for prolonged periods as they can get sunburned and develop skin cancer.

Your Chihuahua also loves to survey their surroundings from a high perch. They love to be in your lap as well as in bed with you even if they several beds throughout the house. Be careful, as jumping up or down from their perch can be dangerous. A good rule of thumb is to not allow your Chi to jump off furniture that she cannot jump onto. You can teach your Chi to stay until you lift them on and off the furniture. You can also teach them to use safe, sturdy pet ramps or stacks of pillows to get to their favorite spot like the couch or bed. 

Chihuahuas will figure out immediately what “want to go for a ride” means and will never forget it! Also fussing over your Chi and telling her how adorable she is definitely a favorite. Chihuahuas always love to be brushed, which is especially relaxing if done close to bedtime. You can also buy moisturizer for their pads, which is a favorite for my Chi.  Aside from these activities, walks, rides, watching a movie and lots of cuddles are likely among your Chi’s favorite things. Of course, Chi’s love to be wherever their special person is, no matter what they are doing. 

Traveling with Your Chihuahua

Traveling with your Chihuahua will take some planning on your part. To start, take them on small errands and then road trips in their carrier. When flying, you will want to keep your tiny Chi with you in the cabin in a carrier and not underneath in cargo.

Traveling in cargo would be way too traumatic for your pup. Flying in the cabin with you is the safest option fort your Chi and the best way to ensure your pup has a pleasant traveling experience.

You will first need to contact the airline you plan to fly on and get their specific requirements in pet travel. They could black out dates, be limited to a specific number of pets onboard, so the sooner you book the better. Your pup will be considered a carry on and you likely will have to pay a cabin fee. The airline may require your pup to have an exam and a letter of certificate stating this.

If you don’t already have one, you will need TSA approved crate. You can get a soft or hard one. I preferred the soft carrier, so I can easily check on her throughout the flight. Try to feed your pup at least two hours in advance of the flight to avoid sickness. Also get to the airport earlier so you have time to walk your chi prior to the flight. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends to NOT sedate your Chihuahua to avoid respiratory problems and other medical issues.

Holidays with Your Chi

My Chihuahua loves the holidays, as she gets to alternate wearing her various Christmas scrunchie necklaces. She loves to watch everyone open presents and in between me helping her open her presents. It’s also the time of year for her to see more family and friends and to get lots of extra attention. Of course, I have a lot more time available, which means spending more time with my Chi. 

I hope you and your Chihuahua enjoy some of these ideas, activities, and Chi favorites together.

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